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Calculate the amount of child support, spousal support or alimony pendente lite pursuant to the Support Guidelines as amended by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on April 9, 2013 and effective August 9, 2013.

Name of Paying Parent:  
Name of Receiving Parent:  
How many children (under age 18)? If there are more than 6 children, see Note 1, below.
Are parents married to each other?  
Paying Parent's Pay Period Is:  
Paying Parent's Gross Income Per Pay Period Is: $ For more information about Calculation of Net Income, see Rule 1910.16-2.
Paying Parent's Deductions Per Pay Period: $ See Note 2, Below
Receiving Parent's Pay Period Is:  
Receiving Parent's Gross Income Per Pay Period Is: $  
Receiving Parent's Deductions Per Pay Period: $  
Child's Monthly Social Security Death, Retirement or Disability Derivative Benefit, if any.
$ See, Rule 1910.16-2(b)(2).
No. Overnights child(ren) stay with Paying Parent: This will not affect the results if No. Overnights < 146. See, Note 3, below.
Paying parent's share of child care expenses: $ For more information about child care expenses, see Rule 1910.16-6(a).
Paying parent's share of health insurance premium if Receiving Parent is paying the premium: $ For more information about health insurance premiums, see Rule 1910.16-6(b)
Receiving Parent's share of health insurance premium if Paying parent is paying the premium: $  
Paying parent's share of unreimbursed medical expenses: $ For more information about unreimbursed medical expenses, see Rule 1910.16-6(c).
Other expenses: $  
Obligor's Support, Alimony Pendente Lite or Alimony Obligations, if any, to Children or Former Spouses who are not part of this action $ See, Rule 1910.16-2(c)(2)

For a full text of the Support Guidelines, see

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Note 1: When there are more than six children who are the subject of a single order, determine the appropriate amount of support for six children under the guidelines. Using the same income figures, subtract the support amount for five children from the amount for six children. Multiply the difference by the number of children in excess of six and add the resulting amount to the guideline amount for six children. See, Rule 1910.16-4 (b).

Note 2: To arrive at net income, deduct only (A) federal, state, and local income taxes; (B) F.I.C.A. payments and non-voluntary retirement payments; (C) union dues; and (D) alimony paid to the other party. For spousal support or alimony pendente lite, deduct all child support obligations, spousal support, alimony pendente lite, and alimony paid to former spouses. See, Rule 1910.16-2 (c).

Note 3: When the children spend 40% or more of their time during the year with the obligor, a rebuttable presumption arises that the obligor is entitled to a reduction in the basic support obligation to reflect this time. See, Rule 1910.16-4 (c). When there is divided or split physical custody, one or more of the children residing with each party, the parties' respective child support obligations are offset and the net difference awarded to the obligee as child support. See, Rule 1910.16-4 (d).